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We established Market Skope digital marketing agency back in 2018 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We’ve been growing ever since our foundation, with over 50 clients serviced and hundreds of successful projects delivered. We have a small team of 11 employees, but teamwork and over 7 years of SEO experience allowed us to do miracles for our customers.

How We Work

Our Goal Is Client’s Success And Future Growth

Be it PPC advertising, web development, or SEO, we deliver tailored services for each of our clients. We realize the situation of each entrepreneur is unique, and we apply our highly individualized approach to achieve excellent results.


In addition, the rules of online business have been changing significantly over the years of our expertise. Moreover, these rules are going to evolve and become even more complicated than they are now. Adaptability to the ever-changing online environment has been the key to Market Skope’s success for the past 5 years.


Well-aware of all the trends in the industry, we examine each case individually and in-depth. And it is the combination of customized approach and awareness that has allowed us to satisfy hundreds of clients during these years.


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Our Mission

The internet has provided businesses and their customers with numerous ways of interacting with each other. Promoting products, keeping in touch with the clients, lightning-fast customer service – all that has become extremely easy to do thanks to the internet.


However, not everyone has the resources to focus on the digital presence of their brand. All the benefits of online presence are accessible for everyone. And we think that you should be able to enjoy them no matter how little time or resources you have.


Our mission is to help your business become more reachable and accessible for your customers via the powers of the digital era. The internet has made the world a better place, so why shouldn’t you be able to use it to become a better business?

Our Vision

The digital market grows continuously. And it is becoming increasingly more difficult for businesses to keep track of all the intricacies of digital marketing. As a consequence, focusing on one’s core businesses becomes a more difficult task. Large companies wouldn’t have an issue with allocating additional workforce and resources to numerous tasks. But smaller companies would most likely struggle with that.


We firmly believe that every business should be able to focus on reaching their goals. As a business – large or small – your task is to satisfy your customers and grow. And you should be able to allocate your resources efficiently.


As for other highly specialized tasks, they can be done for you by others. Outsourcing side jobs, you would be able to focus on running your business with increased focus.


At Market Skope, we try to free you from the heavy burden of digital marketing. Specialized in digital marketing, we can help you focus on what matters for you the most.

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