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Social Media Marketing Refers To The Process Of Gaining Traffic

Social media have an immense influence on today’s online space. And it would be very unwise to miss out on this brilliant digital marketing tool. To demonstrate the power of social media marketing, let us introduce 4 of its main benefits to you.


Most Online Users Use Social Media

According to We Are Social’s Digital in 2018 report (slide 7), out of 7.593 billion people living in the world, 4.021 billion (53%) are using the internet. 3.196 billion people are active social media users, which makes up 42% of the world’s population and 79% of online users. The majority of people who use the internet are thereby active social media users! Needless to say, you shouldn’t miss out on such a huge audience.

Social Networks are Among the Most Visited Websites in the World

Social media are among the most visited websites in the world, with Facebook being the most visited social network of them all. According to the same report (slide 43), Facebook was the second most visited website in the world after Google in January 2018!

Social Media Can Help You Attract Much More People

How are people more likely to find your business – by accidentally discovering your website or finding it through social media? Clearly, it is much more likely that social media with its multi-billion audience will be the winner. Employing a page on social media and social media advertisement, you can reach out to much more people than you could otherwise.

Performance Monitoring Tool

Help People Make a Purchase

According to the data of a Nielsen study commissioned by Twitter, one in four vehicle buyers in the United States used Twitter as in input in their decision. Furthermore, one-third of the buyers found that Twitter had helped them with making their decision! With so much information available online – including on social media – buyers don’t have the need to visit a dealership and can make decisions online.


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